Since conditions for purchasing property in France are currently favouring foreign buyers, I recommend you don't think twice about investing in the  French property you've had your eye on. By buying it now, you benefit from:

  • Low borrowing rates.
  • Reduced notaire fees and other discounts due to new notaire fees reforms.

Borrowing rates are currently at their lowest percentage in 70 years. There are rumours that they might drop even further but bear in mind that property prices are starting to rise again. So, if you've found a French villa that ticks all the boxes, why wait.

As for notary fee reforms, this is an ideal opportunity for you to save money on legal fees, since notaires can offer several discounts at their discretion, as well as reduced fees. 

You also won't have to worry about a notaire billing you unreasonable amounts, as one of the reforms in place from May 1st 2016 is a cap of 10% of the property's sale value being the maximum fee a notaire can charge.

Exchange rates are relatively favourable so by purchasing that Proven├žal mas or waterfront apartment in the Cote d'Azur right away, you will get good value for your money. 

Contact our French office today to arrange viewings. After all, why lose out on a good deal?