You will need to get your property valued if you're planning to gift it to a family member. Many people place a low value on their home in an attempt to reduce gift tax. This, however, can be a risky strategy, as it's likely that the person to whom you're gifting the property will end up paying higher taxes if they decide to sell. 

If you are the beneficiary of a French ch√Ęteau or some other real estate, you will need to get the property valued as part of the process of becoming its new owner. 

Again, avoid undervaluing the property since tax reforms are changing every day and with the tightening of capital gains tax rules you and your family will be billed larger taxes if you'll choose to sell later.

Having a notaire value your property is one option. The other is to contact a local estate agent. I recommend the second approach as your estate agent can help you with the paperwork for gifting your property in France, brief you on rental yields if you decide to lease the property of which you have been made a beneficiary and help you find a tenant.

To get your home valued, contact our French office today. We'll be happy to appraise your property and discuss our other services.