Cyprus is the perfect destination to buy your second home if sunshine and a laid back lifestyle during retirement appeals. You will be able to adjust to life here easily as English is widely spoken, legal and business systems are similar to the UK and people drive on the same side of the road. 

This is a country where bargaining is part of the buying game so bear that in mind when looking at expensive Cyprus villas. By the time you or your estate agent have finished negotiations, the sale price will be considerably less than what it initially was. 

If you spend more than 2.5 million Euros on your property, remember to apply for your EU passport. You should receive it within three months. 

I recommend you start your search for the ideal Cyprus house right away as property transfer taxes are reduced by 50% until 31st December and you can also reduce your costs by jointly registering your new home. 

Contact our Cyprus office today to arrange viewings to some gorgeous real estate in Cyprus.