Buying property in Cyprus is a good move especially if you're looking to purchase real estate in Europe. With a stable property market and low prices maybe now is  time to consider viewing that waterfront Cyprus villa you've had your eye on.

If your plan is to sell your Cyprus house once property values rise, it's worth looking at some of the bargain properties in remote villages. Once accessibility to these areas improves, your property may well increase  in value.

While providing tranquillity and tradition, these village homes are not always easy to rent. So, if you want your property to start earning a steady income, I recommend considering villas along the coast or within reach of the golf courses or nature reserves. You'll receive excellent and consistent rental income in these popular tourist hotspots.

Property buying can sometimes be complex in Cyprus so hiring a reputable local agent who knows the market and legal aspects of buying Cyprus property is worthwhile.  Winkworth would be happy to provide any assistance you need.