Carvoeiro, a beach town on the Southern coast of Portugal, offers a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere which appeals to all ages giving it the edge over it's noisier neighbours.

As a rental investment property in Portugal, you can't go far wrong if you invest now, especially with the popularity of the Med with holidaymakers, attractive property prices and the potential for good rental returns. As Portugal strengthens its position as Europe's business and commercial hub and more businesses establish themselves in the region, property prices are sure to rise.

If you plan on using your investment property for a few months each year, Carvoeiro is an excellent choice; the town's friendly vibe will make you feel at home right away. For things to do here, there is something for everyone - from a variety of water based activities and boat trips, an animal and marine park, gentle strolls or dancing the night away in chic nightclubs and feasting on fantastic local food.

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