If you've always wanted to buy a Parisian apartment, but hesitated because of its high price tag, you'll be happy to hear the city now boasts several affordable housing units. 

Wedged between stunning 19th century buildings in the 10th arrondissement (soon they'll be found in other parts of Paris as well) and jutting out from rooftops, these box flats or "parasite properties" make unique dwellings in the heart of the capital.

Built to meet the demand for reasonably priced housing within a city where space is at a premium, the flexible, custom-made French apartments are constructed in between or on top of other buildings.  Despite the unfortunate but apt name, they make charming dwellings and have cleverly designed interiors.

The construction materials used are 100% recycled wood, steel and glass and since no land costs needed to be paid, these eye-catching French properties with their surprisingly green roofs carry a sale price 40% below the current market rate.

As they're located in prime real estate areas, living in one of these eco-friendly homes offers easy access to some of Paris' finest dining and entertainment venues. If you'd like more information or a viewing arranged here or to any other Paris properties let us know.