We've written before about the summertime advantages of buying property in the the Alps -  but it's always good to be reminded. 

Switzerland meets the holiday maker's dream of healthy, safe summer idylls where families can breathe clean air and fall in to bed after blissful days spent mountain biking, golfing, walking and swimming in crystal clear Alpine Lakes.  For anyone hoping to cash in on this rise as a year round tourist destination, now is the time to invest in property with the flexibility to act as your home while catering to paying guests too.

Switzerland's stable property market and current competitive mortgage rates make it a solid investment proposition. While the Swiss buying process features one or two anomalies - two mortgages on one property as standard, for example - we can help you negotiate these and because everything is underwritten by a notary, you won't find any nasty surprises. This is Switzerland after all! 

If buying or letting property in Switzerland is for you, Winkworth International would be happy to talk you through your choices.