For all the uncertainty caused by Britain’s vote to leave the EU, encouraging voices can be heard. Winkworth International have fielded our fair share of calls this past month, from British clients whose plans to buy property in France appear in jeopardy. The general consensus from expats across the channel seems to be “where there’s a will there’s a way.” 

Your EU passport entitles you to move to another EU country visa-free and avail yourself of the benefits for the next two years. The agreement after that  (some say it will take even longer to negotiate a deal) remains to be seen, but current non-EU citizens wishing to live in France must be employed there or able to prove they are able to finance their stay. Other categories such as students can also apply for a long-stay visa and residency permit. These are usually renewable on an annual basis but can be longer. As one commentator says, applying for a visa has not deterred non-EU buyers such as Australians so far - a great number having made France their home.

Despite the fluctuating pound you can still buy a property worth €240,000 in the Dordogne for £200,000. This is still more for your money than in 2011 when an equivalent purchase bought a house worth just €223,000. Now is still the time to buy. 

Regardless of the leave vote, improving transport links and the booming trade in B&Bs are all saying “come!” Buying property with potential for paying guest income is also a useful way of establishing yourself in the French economy. 

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