Your property overseas could give you an opportunity to make a profit on repatriating funds to the UK.

You can look at the shifting exchange rates in a positive light; as the pound devalues, you will get more back from transferring your euros back. So a Spanish home of €250,000 at €1.30 = £1 would bring home £192,000 but with the current exchange rate of €1.19 = £1 would give you an extra £18,000.

You can further increase your takings by utilising one of many available financial exchange authorities to bring your money home. More often than not, banks don't offer the best exchange rates and will add a charge on top, whereas a good currency specialist will find the best available exchange rate to convert your money back to GBP.

Winkworth International specialise in property for sale in Spain and would love to help you sell your Spanish property and bring back the optimum return.