A handy piece of research makes an excellent point about the real reason your recent holiday home purchase was such a steal and once again it’s down to location. Statistics indicate that a property ideal in every other way is less marketable if it isn’t near the right airport with regular flights in and out of the UK. And not just with “flighty” budget airlines either! 

If you truly want to snap up a bargain and get away from it all, that might not concern you. However, to maximise your property’s potential as a holiday-let (and if you sell in the future), a more substantial investment near a well-serviced airport now, could reap rewards later. 

Spain is a popular holiday-home choice for British buyers and Malaga airport sits near the top of the safe-list for well-established UK flights. Just a forty minute drive away are the smart residential areas housing luxury villas and apartments for sale in Marbella. A favourite among holidaymakers since the 1970’s, this fashionable resort has real investment appeal to suit diverse budgets. 

Lesser-known Casares an hour's drive from Malaga, is a tranquil resort with sea and countryside views. Here, a number of newly-developed complexes offer the perfect low-maintenance second home. 

Of course, reading the statistics can’t beat on-the-ground viewings. And our experience of Spanish property sales tells us that if a property seems suspiciously low-priced, it needs further investigation - close to an airport or not…..

So get in touch for help in navigating your way to a new home.