Once again Portugal has been voted the best overseas country in which to retire. But did you know that choosing to work there is a great idea too?

Virtual working is an increasingly standard way of doing global business; you and your laptop can set up shop in just about any sunny spot you fancy. If, however, you want to be well connected to the UK, access work opportunities afforded by a British-driven tourist industry and  take advantage of tax benefits available through a non-habitual residents scheme, Portugal is the place to be.

Of course, if you're going to live and work in a country with over 300 annual days of sunshine, you'll want to buy a Portuguese property which makes the most of it.  Just imagine starting your day with a dip in the pool at your hillside villa in Silves, before settling to work in the shade. Later, you can work on your work-life balance by enjoying all the Algarve has to offer: sandy beaches, sporting activities, traditional cuisine, sociable town squares...the list is endless. And for those days when you really do need to leave your office-under-an-orange-tree, Faro airport is just 45 minutes away, while Lisbon's business district is a direct two hour drive along the main A2 road. 

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