blogger, Jennifer Avventura, gives an overview of the blue flag beach effort in Sardinia this year. Now blue flags can be seen flying proudly at 28 different beaches; what exactly does this accolade mean? 

Spiaggia di Torregrande is a blue flag beach on the west coast of Oristano. It’s a fine example of a beach with first-rate amenities, accessibility, uncompromising environmental standards and safety measures. Here you can horse ride, hire a sunbed or paddle shallow waters under the watchful eye of a lifeguard. Joggers and cyclists can enjoy the promenade, with little traffic on surrounding roads. Plentiful eateries populate the 3km beach which is wheelchair accessible. Fish-farming is an important industry in Oristano, making water-quality and ecosystems a priority. 

A look at the wider neighbourhood reveals Oristano’s provincial capital city of the same name, boasting a mix of gothic architecture and alleyways. Mardi Gras carnivals are a renowned Oristano tradition. 

This mix of beach, city and pine-wooded countryside make a beguiling location to buy or sell property in Sardinia. A quieter alternative to better-known Costa Smeralda, elegant properties for sale in Oristano are no less of an investment. Beyond the beautiful beaches you’ll find thriving communities, excellent road links and spectacular landscape, all adding up to an appealing proposition.

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