As an idyllic place to spend your retirement, the Languedoc-Rousillion region of France certainly gets Winkworth International's vote. Featuring the same beautiful countryside, fair weather and delightful properties for sale as neighbouring Provence, it also offers excellent value for money and a benign pace of life just two hours' flight from the UK. 

But is retirement in France a foolhardy idea for British buyers now that the prospect of disappearing EU rights is to become a reality? Not according to an increasing trend for permanent relocation says

This commentary provides a timely reminder that existing taxation for UK Nationals Overseas is no more determined by the EU than an individual's transferral of their UK-registered pension scheme. While there are many EU laws up for negotiation, these are not amongst them.

It seems that the U.K.’s final severing of EU ties is not expected until 2019, affording plenty of time to establish yourself in your new home before its conclusion. Furthermore, the Prime Minister's pledge to protect the status of Britons living in EU countries throughout Brexit negotiations suggests that all-important rights such as automatic access to free healthcare aren't necessarily doomed either.

From currency exchange advice to finding the right location, we at Winkworth International have a well-established expertise in helping our buyers retire to France. It’s certainly business as usual for us, so arrange that viewing today.