“When can I move in?” is a question we like to hear when viewing new build properties for sale in Cyprus with our clients. We’re always happy to help with “where can I buy a decent cup of coffee?” too; weighing up the pros and cons of a luxury villa in the Aphrodite Hills can be thirsty work after all. Infact, to prove our devotion to your every need - and to mark International Coffee Day on October 1st - Winkworth International brings you a Cyprus insider's list of first-rate coffee shops.

Coffee is firmly woven into the fabric of Cypriot life. In Old Nicosia you’ll find a network of authentic Cypriot cafes (kafenio), their richly coloured interiors bearing the influence of Turkish Cyprus just over the border. Here, locals enjoy a moment of relaxation amidst their busy working day, along with strong coffee, traditionally brewed in a copper pot (mbrikia). Meanwhile, independent coffee shops springing up around Paphos and Limassol serve their cosmopolitan clientele the perfect brew using a decidedly more modern alchemy.

Fortunately you can enjoy your coffee either way, just as you can enjoy the contrasts of old and new Cyprus. You can buy that contemporary apartment in Paphos and while you’re there, you can buy a mbrikia from the market and get brewing!

Visit Winkworth International for details of new build apartments, villas and communities in Cyprus. We’ll even offer you a coffee.