If, looking at our blog post about property for sale in Provence, you’re convinced simply by the prospect of three hundred annual days of sunshine, you’re in fine company. 

As Winkworth International ponders that most British dilemma of whether to put the heating on, now is the time to remind ourselves of the advantages of buying a home in Provence, whatever the season.

There is no better reason for investing your capital than the improved quality of life it will bring. As much as the weather is a uniquely British preoccupation, guaranteed sunshine and an ambient climate really are a prime consideration when you buy. Integral to that fact is the return on your investment generated by a location that capitalises on its good weather and sympathetic landscapes with sports and leisure activities, culture and convenient travel links. Provence has done just this for many years and - as the clever exploitation of that truffle harvest shows - continues to develop its attractions without a hint of excess. Whether you’re considering extra rental income or plan to sell your house in the long term, this type of sustainable growth is essential.

So for a second home that will work hard, Provence is a savvy choice. And although all that sunshine can bedazzle, Winkworth International will guide you safely to a property that will make a home and a sound investment.