British Expats who’ve moved abroad for the long haul will have their UK voting rights extended beyond the current fifteen year limit to a lifelong entitlement, as outlined by Constitution Minister Chris Skidmore.

Winkworth International reads this manifesto with interest; what can you expect from this change if you’re currently disenfranchised by your long term residency abroad?

We’ve previously commented on the concerns felt by expats in France, powerless to vote in the UK EU referendum having lived away for many years. So the chance to vote once more - whenever the next election is called it will surely be a momentous one - will be welcome.

Likewise, for buyers considering a permanent move to France this is a vital way of continuing to look after your interests back in your home country. It’s also reassuring to know that if your plans ever do change, you can sell your property in France and return to the UK a fully franchised British citizen. 

France has a British population of around 200,000, with buyers favouring property for sale in Paris, Aquitaine and Provence. Here at Winkworth we also pride ourselves on being truly British and wholly international, so if you’re seeking your forever home in France, contact us today. With a range of elegant city apartments, classic countryside chateaux and seaside villas to choose from, this is one vote you can use wisely.