Think of Portuguese wine and images of after-dinner Port will no doubt spring to mind, along with memories of sweet Madeira and even sweeter Mateus Rosé. Perhaps what you're less likely to envisage is a wine cellar stocked with fine Portuguese vintages. Well, that could be about to change with the arrival of a new enterprise in northern Portugal that uses futuristic growing and production techniques to create wines that are already being talked about.

Winkworth International is always glad to hear of investment in Portugal. We’re particularly heartened to hear this story of Carlos Dias, a Portuguese born entrepreneur who made his fortune elsewhere in Europe and returned with a winning business formula that has seen his wine named in international top ten lists. 

For many years the mainstay of the Portuguese economy has been tourism - especially from British holidaymakers. This makes it an attractive investment option for anyone considering buying a holiday rental property in Portugal. Further bolstering of the economy from other industries such as wine production can only add to its investability factor (not to mention the marketability of those wine tasting tours).

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