Are you a  seasoned property investor with a track record of attracting tourist revenue that won’t compromise your vision for responsible, sustainable development?  If the answer is yes, Winkworth International - always on the lookout - might just have found you a rare opportunity to bid for an historic property with unique commercial potential, whilst investing in Italy’s economy and preserving it’s  heritage.

If that all sounds a little too good to be true, read on. The Italian government really is preparing to auction off its lighthouses all over the country and is welcoming bids from foreign investors. 

Take a look at our property listings and you’ll notice a number of unusual historic properties for sale in Italy that work as holiday accommodation already or have approved planning to do so. In ours and our clients’ experience, a commitment to preserving original character and features, ecological principles, seismic safeguarding and employment opportunities for local people are equally as important as an injection of funds into the economy. 

If you’d like the opportunity to discuss investment opportunities further, Winkworth International would be happy to give you the benefit of our experience and show you some truly authentic Italian properties.