Paphos is a hive of activity as it prepares to step into the spotlight as European capital city of culture 2017. For an island with an already rich heritage of ancient archaeological wonders, the accolade comes at a crucial time in its modern-day history. Designed to promote harmony and bridge cultural differences, the capital city of culture initiative takes place against a backdrop of ongoing negotiations to unite the Greek and Turkish communities in Cyprus.

As a year long programme of events is announced, Winkworth International looks forward to the opening weekend in January, when the city will become one huge venue for music, dance and theatre, drawing on the island's mythological past. Another highlight will be the appearance of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra on 1st May.

A city that is awarded capital city of culture status inevitably sees a significant boost in visitor numbers and revenue, not to mention increased employment opportunities for its locals. 

So If 2017 heralds the start of a new age for Paphos, why not play your part in shaping that future? There are some exceptional newly developed properties for sale in and around the city; Winkworth International would be delighted to show  them to you.