As we've said before, Portugal makes a wise retirement choice, a clever holiday home investment and now a savvy career move too. And it seems we're not the only ones to recognise the benefits as Lisbon - home to a burgeoning creative tech startup scene - prepares to host this year's global Web Summit. 

The attractions of choosing to pursue a tech career in Portugal are many. Having assumed its position at the forefront of the industry, vibrant Lisbon has another clear advantage over alternative international tech hubs, boasting low living costs that quite simply make your wage go further. Afterall, a country with over 300 days of annual sunshine can offer plenty of leisure options too. 

These factors are no less advantageous if you're further along the career path with the funds to invest in both tech and property. Add Portugal's Golden Visa scheme for non-EU citizens into the equation and the result is an investment opportunity with strong future potential. 

For the British buyer with ambitions to capitalise on those low living costs, Winkworth International envisages a base in Lisbon for your business hours along with a coastal villa in the Algarve for your downtime. So get in touch; we can advise you on investing in a portfolio of properties throughout the Algarve and Lisbon. With just a short flight or a couple of hours drive between the two, this could be one commute worth making.