With one eye firmly on a sustainable future, Winkworth International welcomes news of green policy-making for Paris, particularly when it tackles traffic congestion along with harmful fuel emissions. 

The other eye meanwhile, is goggling somewhat at the prospect of a futuristic-looking, zero-emission, egg-shaped pod, floating above the water as it carries up to five passengers at a time across the River Seine. But if you think this sounds like something straight out of Back to the Future,  the Sea-bubble could infact be a welcome addition to Paris's existing public transport system. 

For anyone seeking property for sale in Paris, an alternative mode of travel - countering congestion and pollution - is well worth considering if you plan to live here permanently. And although we've said it before, it bears repeating that with numbered arrondissements spiralling out from the Louvre at its centre, this is an easy city to navigate on foot. So whether you decide to buy an exclusive duplex in the sixteenth arrondissement or an affordable parasite property in the tenth, you really can leave your car at home. 

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