The accompanying film to this online article about su filindeu (God's wool) pasta has all at Winkworth International transfixed. Painstakingly handcrafted using minimal ingredients, the secret technique involved in making this rare delicacy has been passed down through the generations of a single Sardinian family, with just three women left alive as its guardians. An ancient and venerable pasta recipe indeed - now available via You Tube.

For us, this captures the essence of Sardinia itself and is one of the reasons we so value our job. While the glitz of the island's yachting hot spots is well-renowned, what we appreciate is spending time viewing a variety of distinctive properties with potential buyers, who come to understand that beneath the surface beauty lies an ancient charm. Like a simple but sublime pasta dish, this is grounded in everyday rituals that remain sacrosanct throughout generations of people. 

In Sardinia, yacht-racing, kite-surfing and that glamorous night life so synonymous with the resort of Costa Smeralda, rub along comfortably with saints’ festivals and the rugged coastal beauty that you'll find in traditional villages further South. If you're contemplating buying property here we'd love to show you the glamorous villas and lovingly restored farmhouses that are so typical of this mix of old and new. 

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