A holiday villa in Nice, apartment in Paris, ski-chalet in the Alps or new home in Provence....all part of the ongoing love affair between British buyers and property for sale in France

The question Winkworth International has been asking since June is how Brexit will alter this union - and the prospects of our clients?

Although this analysis from The Telegraph attempts a comprehensive prediction, the effect on borders, customs, free movement and trade remains unclear. Even with a British plan in place, there is no guarantee that other EU members will easily accept it; will Britain be made a scapegoat? 

However, the complex technical and political barriers to a final outcome do suggest a lengthy period of negotiation - during which time you could buy your French property and be well on your way to French residency (it takes 5 years). After that, it looks like British citizens wishing to live in France will already need to be employed there or able to prove they can finance their stay (this prediction is based on current non-EU member status). 

For more brexit-related insights take a look at Winkworth International's French poperty news, or get in touch if you'd like to talk further. Oh, and spare a thought for the poor souls working to meet that christmas deadline...