Only days after the Portuguese President's cordial visit to ten Downing Street, the Portuguese Prime Minister launched a vociferous attack on the UK's vote to leave the EU and its strategy for negotiating an exit. 

While the meeting between President de Sousa and Theresa May focused on the long-held diplomatic alliance between Portugal and Great Britain - and continuing goodwill in the future - Prime Minister Antonio Costa made no attempt at diplomacy in an interview with Euronews, as reported by The Express.

This is a fascinating look at the political picture in Portugal, where everyday government is undertaken by Costa - a "centre-left' politician - and his left-wing coalition. The role of the President meanwhile - in this case the "centre-right" moderate, de Sousa - is mainly ceremonial, however he is influential on an international scale and has the power to dissolve parliament in a political crisis. On the strength of recent events though, it would seem that the right hand, quite literally, doesn't know what the left hand is doing. 

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