Winkworth International’s guide to Tuscan homes for buyers with green fingers could not be more timely, as the months leading up to Christmas in Tuscany offer an abundance of food markets and festivals, where farmers and small independent producers alike peddle the fruits of their harvest, from olive oil to chestnuts, truffles and regional specialities made with local produce. 

The financial potential of property in Tuscany that comes with its own working olive grove or vineyard has been tried and tested by many British buyers - and not just the famous ones either. Take a look at ventures such as  for more about Italian estates put to multiple use as working farms and agriturismo - a network of approved farm properties where tourists can stay and learn about rural life. 

But if you’re really serious about trying to earn money from your green fingered ambitions, a long hard look at the reality of such a venture is advisable. For every expat #gettingbacktonature, comes a plaintive plea for help with the harvest via farmstay websites such as from those who have purchased a lttle more than they can plough.

Contact Winkworth International for more details of Tuscan properties with fruitful business potential; we can give you the help you need in making your new home and business in Italy one move you won’t regret.